Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Are the GA transcripts accepted by other schools and colleges?2024-03-08T12:15:58-06:00

Yes, like any other school or homeschool, our transcripts and credits are based on state requirements. We have had several graduates and pre-graduates accepted into colleges.

Do we currently have scholarships available?2024-03-08T12:15:02-06:00

We do not have scholarships available at this time. When we do, we will send out applications as needed.

Will we have bussing?2024-03-08T12:14:04-06:00

No, Eau Claire has not accepted us for bussing. We encourage you to work through your local school district for mileage reimbursement.

Will we have after-school care in 2024/25?2024-03-08T12:14:09-06:00

Yes, we will offer after-school care from 3:15 to 5:15 daily.

Will we offer any summer classes or childcare?2024-03-08T12:12:33-06:00

This is an option that we are still processing. We will inform you when we make our decision.

Will you offer preparation for ACT testing?2024-03-08T12:11:13-06:00

Yes, but it is NOT mandatory. Students can sign up for ACT preparation in their sophomore and junior year.

Will we be given transcripts of the student’s progress?2024-03-08T12:10:03-06:00

Yes, during student progress meetings with our parents twice a year.

Will my student have enough credits to graduate?2024-03-08T10:32:07-06:00

Yes, if your student completes the assigned classes that are given, they will more than meet the state standards.

Will my student be required to do an apprenticeship?2024-03-08T10:31:39-06:00

Yes, 80 hours between 9-12th grade.

Will my student get credit for the apprenticeship?2024-03-08T10:30:51-06:00

Yes, if all guidelines are met, it will be considered an elective credit.

Will my student have an opportunity to take AP classes?2024-03-08T10:30:23-06:00

Yes, we have a partnership with Crown College that allows students to take online courses when they are Juniors or Seniors. We also have online AP classes available through Acellus.

Will we offer 4-year-old Kindergarten?2024-03-08T10:29:22-06:00
  • Yes, we will have a Kindergarten studio with 4 & 5-year-olds. We will not be affiliated with the Eau Claire School District.
  • We will work with each family to find the best fit for their learners’ attendance.
If my student is gifted, what kind of advancements are available?2024-03-08T10:27:37-06:00

We will assess each student to see his or her areas of strengths and challenges. If a student is advanced for his/her grade level, we will have a combination of approaches from giving that student more challenging projects to moving them up a grade in one or more subjects.

What is my access to sports?2024-03-08T10:27:14-06:00

You can partner with your school district if allowed by your district. We also have partnerships with local homeschool and private school groups for athletics.

What kind of music program is offered?2024-03-08T10:26:25-06:00

We offer music in all elementary grades. There are music electives for our middle and high school students.

How does the school teach sex education?2024-03-29T11:04:02-05:00

We believe this conversation is best addressed within the family environment.

Is there part-time enrollment?2024-03-08T10:25:30-06:00

Yes, we will work with families who are interested in attending on a part-time basis.

Do you offer a school lunch program?2024-03-08T10:22:58-06:00

Due to students with various food allergies, we do not provide a school lunch. However, the school PTO does put on a pizza hot lunch one time per month.

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