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Generations Academy Application

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“I have done the research and I want the Acton Academy model for my children. I understand this is a new way of thinking about what school is and I am ready to empower my children to take charge of their learning and become who God created them to be.” *
What excites your family most about Generations Academy? (Check all that apply) *
Do you understand our school is a tuition-based school and our staff are paid from that tuition and payments need to be made on-time? Can you commit to a payment schedule option of either monthly payments over 9 months, one lump sum, or two payments at the beginning of each semester? *
Our student-led program design is not suitable for all students. Generations Academy is not staffed to provide specialized support for children with special needs, such as autism or severe and unmanaged ADD/ADHD, behavior challenges, or sensory processing struggles.

Children receiving out-of-school support for dyslexia or ADHD or other diagnosed conditions that impact educational needs could potentially do well in our program, provided parents are committed to getting their child the necessary help outside of our school program.

I have read the above statement and: *